Zebradonkey Media is a podcast production studio. 

Let’s be honest, anybody can make a podcast. In fact, everybody does. But nobody really wants to do anything but the fun stuff, the creative stuff, the “vision” stuff. That’s why you want to find somebody who doesn’t mind the “other” stuff so much. Someone with the right tools and a good ear. Like me. I can do a bunch of stuff.


I use industry leading software and studio equipment to ensure your show sounds as professional as possible. I strip out silence, false starts, filler words (like, um, eh), weird noises, and anything else that your listeners don’t want to hear. I seamlessly edit in your show’s audio branding (intro, outro, music bed) and implement your sound design ideas. I can also handle structural and editorial concerns, rearrange show segments and rearrange interview questions to maximize flow and coherence.

Mix & Master

I mix and master your show so your audience enjoys a polished listening experience. I balance dynamics and volume, sweetening and sculpting the tone of every track. I use advanced machine-learning software to repair and restore problematic audio, including room noise and unwanted background sounds. I optimize to current digital streaming specifications, tag your file with appropriate metadata, and deliver a high quality product ready for upload to your chosen destination.


I help you sort out your podcast’s production workflow and technical needs, and I can advise and instruct you in a number of different ways. This includes equipment purchasing decisions, recording best practices, set-up and admin for your hosting service, and distributing your content in impactful way. I assist with SEO in the form of custom copy for websites and social media, detailed show notes and full episode transcription. I offer ongoing technical support so you can focus on your vision, creating a show that lives up to the dream.

Tape Sync

I work with interviewers and interviewees in different locations to ensure quality audio is captured for your production. I use professional grade microphones and lavaliers with a mobile recording rig that can be deployed on a moment’s notice. I use best practices to set levels and mitigate environmental noise. I pay attention to the little details like capturing room tone and confirming the correct file format for delivery.