Zebradonkey Media



Zebradonkey stems from a lifelong love for radio and the spoken word. After more than a decade as a digital media producer creating web games and websites, I took the plunge and trained up in audio engineering. The dream: build a podcast production studio in the back of a donkeywagon. Your satisfaction is my religion. 



  • Mitigate normal noise (hum, hiss, rumble, etc)
  • Balance track volume
  • EQ and compression 
  • Surgical noise reduction
  • Removal of dead air, stutters, and filler words (um, ah, etc)
  • Music bed placement
  • Adding intros and outros
  • Audio repair on problematic recordings beyond noise reduction
  • Advanced editing of multitrack sessions to improve content clarity and flow
  • Sound design support (ducking, sound effects, etc)
  • Special requests (not covered elsewhere, subject to approval)



  • MP3 file (128 kbps) loudness-normalized to -16 LUFS
  • Lossless .wav file (44100 hz, 16-bit) for archiving
  • Complete show transcript