Zebradonkey Media



Audio Editing and Mixing


I work primarily in ProTools, specializing in spoken word content. I do high-quality audio capture, audio repair, multitrack editing, and basic mastering for streaming platforms.

Production and Design


I produce offbeat podcasts featuring sound effects, foley, and music beds. I partner with shows to add production value to audio projects, creating depth and engagement to listening experiences.

Zebroid Podcast Production &





Zebradonkey stems from a lifelong love for radio and the spoken word. After more than a decade as a digital media producer creating web games and websites, I changed tack and trained up in audio engineering. The dream: build a new media production studio in the back of a donkeywagon.


The Proactive Psychic


This psychic podcaster doesn’t wait for people to dial in because he “dials OUT”. Join Gus and the ProPsy crew as they use awesome psychic powers to solve mysteries, heal the sick, speak with the dead, and explore this wacky cosmos.

Bottomless Why


A short form freeform podcast that dares to ask why, over and over again. At the end of every question comes an answer. But every answer is followed by the same question: Why? Ad infinitum ad nauseam.

Bankruptcy Lite


Every bankruptcy has a silver lining! Part group therapy, part practical advice, part distant hysterical laugh in the wilderness, this podcast is about regaining control of your personal financial destiny.

Professional Audio Engineering

Audio Aid for Portland Businesses Hit by COVID


As a new resident of Portland, I want to do my part to offset the impact of COVID. Many businesses and organizations have pivoted to virtual experiences and remote production, and most are unprepared for the abrupt shift in business model. I offer pro-bono audio services if you're a Portland business impacted by the lockdown. Please, contact me if you need help.




Zebradonkey Media


Zebradonkey is a new media production studio with a focus on spoken word audio production and support. This includes recording, noise reduction, editing, sound design, and mixing. I deliver complete mixes and basic mastering for streaming platforms. I serve as explainer, engineer, and producer to help get your project fleshed out and launched.


The long-term vision for Zebradonkey is a mobile audio production vehicle. Like when you cross a zebra with a donkey, I want to cross a podcasting studio with a food truck. The Zebradonkey Media Wagon brings you access to pro equipment in a cool studio environment, with all levels of production support available. Coming soon. But after COVID, obviously.

Eric Leuschner


Zebradonkey is me, Eric Leuschner, a web professional pivoting to the “new media” wing of the digital age. I moved to Portland OR in June 2020 after completing a two-year degree in digital audio. I volunteered at NPR through Northern California Public Media, working as a board operator and audio engineer for KRCB FM. You can listen to samples of that work on this Soundcloud page.


Previously, I sold software services for an awesome team in Kraków, Poland. Before that, I helped run a bespoke SaaS web hosting platform in Sebastopol, CA. Before that, I started a west coast indie game company (which went the way of most indie game companies). I began my digital media career as a producer at Smashing Ideas in Seattle, WA. That was my first exposure to professional excellence and digital wizardry. My mentor and colleagues at SI left me with a lasting impression, and I still carry that work ethic, commitment to quality, and cut of jib. And before ALL of that is a really good story...