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Your time is your most valuable asset. You have more important things to do than take on the technical grind of podcast production. You should be focusing on the content, not the process. Maximize the time you invest in your podcast by leveraging the tools and expertise of a badass Zebradonkey.



Loudness normalization for streaming

Sound Design and audio effects

Podcast editing and mixing

Voice over and narration

Noise reduction and audio repair

all time faves and inspirations


Award-winning podcast miniseries on the rise of George Lucas (Season 1) and James Cameron (Season 2). Incredibly immersive dramatization.

Hardcore History

Master of the longform podcast, Dan Carlin’s "theater of the mind" style keeps me captivated for 4 hours of meticulously researched history.

Sleep with me

Intended to help people fall asleep, this is one of the funniest podcasts ever. Drew Ackerman's hysterical long-winded stories actually work.

Welcome to Nightvale

Presented as a community radio show from the fictional desert town of Nightvale, it’s HP Lovecraft and the X-files as performed by Monty Python.

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